Katie Cheung
An Apple's World

Art Beatus Vancouver, September 7th to October 31st, 2001

An Apple's World

Have you ever wondered what the belief of an apple might be? Katie Cheung has. The Art Beatus Gallery is very pleased to announce a solo exhibition of oil paintings by Katie Cheung from September 7 through till
October 31st 2001.  The show, entitled “An apple’s world”, gives insight into the core of Katie’s being, peaceful, calm, happy, and open. Personifying an apple is what inspires Katie’s paintings. In the series of paintings Katie’s apple is a contestant developing theme portraying 7 elements namely; Prosperity, Peace, Memories, Blessings, Endearments, Energy and Passions.

Tripping into the world of art through the dissatisfaction she felt over simply learning the techniques of brush paintings, Katie embarked in to a fine arts degree by entering ‘Langara College’ to learn western techniques and mannerisms. After much endurance and persistence, Katie then went onto ‘Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design’ for a taste of oil painting and to seek a style all her own. A talented painter Katie is continually developing and finding the key to her solo approach by utilizing a vast array of different medias. Katie also imparts to the world clues of her processes are through her personal feminine, inner emotions and feelings. A search for the core of Katie’s heart has begun and clearly the abstracted apple depicts all of the representation Katie’s heart could embrace.

Selection of the apple occurred because of its strong, pure character. Apples are very colorful, dynamic, fresh, positive, outwardly and inwardly strong. Forcing strength into the inner elements of the apple really inspires Katie’s imagination. By utilizing the spirit of the apple Katie expresses her own feeling, almost as a medium to convey a solo style and agenda, as if through the eyes of the apple itself. By individually weaving her private logic and philosophy in to the creative process, Katie shows these painted apples help her express her emotions to you. Transferring this knowledge via a muse Katie wisely chooses the “apple” as her inspiration.

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Media Preview  ■September 6, 2001 Thursday ■ 10 am till 2 pm
Collector Preview ■September 6, 2001 Thursday ■ 2 pm till 5 pm
Opening Reception: ■September 7, 2001 Friday

■ 6 till 8 pm

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