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1962 Born in Korea

Inventory Catalogue



Tufts University Museum Graduate School, Boston, USA


Banff Center for the Arts, Banff Alberta Canada


Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design Vancouver B.C. Canada


Unversity of Ehaw Seoul Korea Bachelor of Fiber Arts


Graduated from Kuk Je Design & Art School Seoul Korea
Diploma of Fine Art

Solo Exhibitions:


Existence, Art Beatus, Vancouver, Canada


Queen Elizabeth theatre, Vancouver, Canada


UBC Asian Center, Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver Community Arts Council, Vancouver, Canada


The Banff Center for the Arts


The Seoul Gallery Annual Exhibition

Selected Group Exhibitions:


San Francisco Art Exposition, San Francisco , USA

Basel Art Exposition, Besel, Switzerland
New York: Catherine Lorillard Wolfe 106th Annual Exhibition, USA
Art Chicago, Chicago, USA
Basel Art Exposition, Besel, Switzerland
Art Chicago, Chicago, USA
Trudy Labell Fine Arts, Florida, USA
Chicago Art Open, Chicago, USA
Robert Thomas Gallery, Florida, 1998
B.A.I. Gallery, New York, USA
International N.Y. Art Fair, New York, USA
Canadian National Craft Museum, Vancouver, Canada
International Art Fair, Vancouver, Canada
APEC, Nations Internation Conference, Vancouver, Canada
National Paper Making Exhibition, Travelling throughout Canada
Asia Pacific Visual Artists show, Vancouver, Canada
Art beatus Gallery "Pulp Matters", Vancouver, Canada
14th Annual B.C. Provincal Images and Objects, Vancouver, Canada
National Contermporary Museum, Seoul, Korea
National Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
Chun In Art Gallery, Seaul, Korea


World Bank Art Collection, Washington DC, USA
Delta Internation Convention Center Hotel, Vancouver, Canada
Banff Center For the Arts, Alberta , Canada
Dongil Hospital Pu Chan, Korea
Kuk Je Nikon Coperation Seoul, Koea
Jan Min Trade Coperation Seoul., Korea.
Bo Goon Coperation Head quaters, Seoul, Korea
Sam Sung Coperation Seoul, Korea
Pu Chan Regiional Hospital PU Chan, Korea
Hak Chun Coperate Headquaters Chaungu, Kkorea
A-Ju Faberic Coperation Seoul , Korea
Seoul Corporation, Seoul, Korea
Hu Gu Corporation, Seoul, Korea
Kyoung-Yee Hospital, Seoul, Korea



BC Provincial Finalist Images and Objects Juried Exhibiton, Vancouver, Canada


National Contemporary Artists', Korea, Seoul


National Modern Art Award of Distinction, Korea, Seoul


Gum Rig Paper Making Award, Korea

Artist Statement:

Hye Sun has been working professionally as a prolific Mixed Media Artist, since 1988. During the last several years, she has combined her love of fiber art with mixed media on hand made paper. Her work is innovative, challenging and imaginative. She uses shapes, patterns, color, texture, in all manner of size and relationships, experimenting with the myriad of possibilities within the medium of hand-made paper.

Her work is highly textured and tactile. She begins by literally making her canvas with traditional Korean mulberry paper. She uses a wide range of natural fibers, including hemp, abaca and cotton linter. She then dyes the paper pulp with various pastel shades to create her pallet of soft inviting colors.
She builds her canvas using innovative casting, pulp painting, printing, embroidery, and embossing methods. She then uses airbrush and various other painting techniques to convey strong meditative and hypnotic impressions for the viewer.

The profoundness of her work is its ability to draw in the viewer. One's first impression is that the work is comfortable and pleasing to look at. Upon further exploration, the viewer is brought deeper into the work and themselves, even if they do not understand the artist's original intent. Hye Sun uses a variety of Eastern and Western signs, symbols and found objects to express her personal commitment and boundless energy in integrating the two cultures that she lives in. The work draws from ancient Korean characters and the principles of yin and yang, focusing on the use of contrast and juxtaposition to illustrate the connection between all things and their inter-relationship.

The artist often strategically places small Buddha statues in her work. At times, Buddha is facing inward. Buddha has turned away from the world, while at the same time is present to absorb our pain and suffering and give a message to wake-up, pay attention and live in a more harmonious manner. People often find hidden messages that personally connect to aspects of themselves or their history in a way that transcends one's culture of origin or spiritual orientation. She helps to make her spirituality accessible for the viewer. One is struck by the peacefulness, the ease to move inward and become still. This calming and meditative effect draws the viewer deeply into Hye Sun's sanctuary-like creations visual pilgrimages.

Her work is represented in fine art galleries in Asia, Canada and the US. She regularly shows her work at International Fine Art Fairs in Chicago (Navy Pier), New York, San Francisco and Basel (Switzerland.)

For further information, please contact:

Canada: tel: (1) 604.688.2633, fax: (1) 604.688.2685