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2004-Present Master of Fine Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (The Art School, HKAC)


Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) with distinction, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology  University (The Art School, HKAC)


Graduated from the HK Academy for Performing Arts

Major in Set and Costume Design

Inventory Catalogue


Collect(ive) Imagery, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong

2004 In Progress, White Tube Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Then, I'm home..., Fujimage Gallery, Hong Kong Arts Centre

2003 Linkage, Calypso-Furniture and Art Gallery, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, a World Cultural City, HK French Chamber of Commerce, 1aspace, Hong Kong

2002 Meat, 1aspace, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong

Kai Zha, The Studio Open Day, Ming Po Industrial Building, Hong Kong

50 degree up , Pao Gallery, Hong Kong Art Centre

The Voice of 18 Emerging Artists, Loft 21, Hong Kong

2001 Creative Showcase, The Art School, HKAC

2000 Experimental Showcase, The Art School, HKAC

A Contemporary Art Interpretation Exhibition, Star Alliance City Festival 2001, City Hall, Hong Kong


 Clonequins series - B.E.D. (Beyond Existential Dimension)


1991 Costume Designer of a stage production 浣ool won the Best Costume Design 1992 from Hong Kong Federation of Drama Societies

1990 Artists Training Alumni Assoiation Scholarship, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Artist Statement:

As a member of the modern society, we may somehow face an identity crisis, struggling to find out who and what we are.  Through the projects of "Clonequins",  "B.E.D" and "deja vu" , I try to explore the blood relation and personal expression theme in a "contemporary and specific" manner and study the socio-cultural influence on our personal development.

The notion of cloning is an interesting study of lost identity.  The birth of Dolly, the first animal clone of the world, marks the beginning of the end of the cycle of natural reproduction.  Replicating animals paves the way for human cloning, further complicating the problem of identity crisis.

While "Clonequins" deals with social and worldwide issues, "B.E.D."(Beyond Existential Dimension), a continuation of the Clonequins series, explores a more personal subject matter on my inner feeling together with my past experience.  There are a lot of activities going on in bed, through this association, the beyond existential dimension is created.

My recent "deja vu"project, again a more personal introspection, focuses on the development of my self-ego in relation and response to external social environment and childhood experience.  The impact of moral values on and its interaction with personal development is also a major subject of concern.

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