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Born in Munich, Germany.
Studied law while simultaneously attending courses at the Academy of Fines Arts in Munich.
Practicing as a lawyer first, he later served as a diplomat for Germany in various countries before his retirement in 2010.

Inventory Catalogue

Solo Exhibitions
Revisit, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong
Transitions, Goethe Institute, Hong Kong

Flashes, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong
Wilderness, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong
The Study Gallery, Poole, UK
Cable Street Studio Gallery, London, UK
Cable Street Studio Gallery, London, UK
Cable Street Studio Gallery, London, UK

Group Exhibitions

Funkhaus Nalepastrasse, Berlin, Germany
Funkhaus Nalepastrasse, Berlin, Germany
Funkhaus Nalepastrasse, Berlin, Germany


The paintings of Frank Burbach are in various private collections in Germany, England, Spain, France and Hong Kong.

Artist Statement

I have left Hong Kong, but Hong Kong never has quite left me. My five years there left a lasting impact. Once you experience the vitality of this city, of its people, you will never forget it. So I am very happy to be back, showing paintings that have been made in the last years in my studio in Berlin.

Berlin, too, is a vibrant city, always in the making, never finished, and attracting artists from all corners of the world. Compared to other capital cities Berlin is also edgy and often bleak and gritty, a place of many artistic inspirations.

I think also my painting has been vitalized by Berlin, giving it a new urgency.  But I stay true to my style: Abstract forms and strong colors. As before I use brushes, but I also use dripping.

Most of my paintings originate in a spontaneous way, in a kind of controlled explosion. But some also follow underlying drawings with planned lines and forms. The overall idea of my paintings is to put energy into a limited surface and to give the viewer the chance to experience this energy in his or her own way. If a painting can transmit this energy, it is successful.

What will the future bring? Painting is an ongoing process, a search that can never reach a perfect fulfillment for the painter. There is always a new way to explore, a new path to follow.

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