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My name is Jonathan Man.  I was born in Hong Kong.  When I was nine, my mother, father, sister and I immigrated to Vancouver B.C.  I went to Richmond Christian Elementary School and then finished my high school education at Richmond Christian Secondary School, graduating in June, 2006. 

During my last year in high school, I didn’t know what my direction was after high school. One day, my art teacher told me that my artwork was special and that I should think about pursuing that career because he thought that I had a talent and gift in drawing.  When I thought about what he said, I realized that in reality I can’t find my way and I’m not in control.  During the process of drawing, I feel satisfied and relaxed.  The creatively process can be intensely freeing and joyous and at the same time, unnerving and unpressured. 

I have spent the last few years developing my drawing skills with an art teacher in his studio.  Within these few years, my focus on drawing has always been related to animal themes, because I love animals and feel that there is a lot of life to present when I sketch it out.  Also, they live in the wilderness, having a lot of freedom, and this lets me enjoy the freedom and stress-free nature.  For my own ability, using sketching pencils is easiest for me to express and present the drawing in a strong, sensational manner. In addition, I have drawn scenery and portraits of people.  Now I want ot use a different style of art so I started to paint some pictures.  Also, I have had the opportunity to try some pottery. 

I chose to go to Emily Carr.  Emily Carr has influenced Canada and internally in the growth of arts, media and design.  Also students that go to Emily Carr are able to be accepted by all the major universities and art institutes of the world.  I want to be an artist in the future and have an art exhibition for my artwork and also maintain growth as an artist.  Also, I would like to complete my education and be able to teach small children.  In order to accomplish that goal, I need to go to an elite art school and learn avariety of different art skills and styles. 

I was nurtured by Emily Carr University, who as an institution, has influenced Canada and internationally in the growth of arts, media and design. There I experienced a variety of arts and my potential was brought out. I believe that art in itself is another form of communication. Through art there is no separation, no racism, and no discrimination. Regardless of your skin color, the language you speak, the culture you come from, everyone can still grasp the meaning and the message portrayed in a simple artwork. Also I believe that art is another life and another world in itself. By doing art or simply just by looking at art, one is able to emerge themselves into that world and experience what it is trying to show us. All in all, art is unity. It pulls together the differences in the world and creates a “One World”.

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