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Nederlands - Tanzania
(It's lying)

China - United States of America
(Happy・ It's strange)

Hungary - China
(Happy・As nothing)

Spain - Israel (Endless repeat)

India - Republic of Korea
(Like always have)

Finland - Republic of Korea
(Strangely 2)

Sweden - United States of
America (Happy・Rapidly but
slowly past times)

Togo - Republic of Korea
(The stern moment)

A sad story

What do you think

History of silence

There is not much we can do

Never lose his smile

In the air, too


Tiger No. 2 - Why did you do that?

In moment


Be With You

Egocentric Speech #30

Is It You?


Egocentric speech #15

I want to hear your voice

Echo of Communion #2

Egocentric Speech #19