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1968 Born in Xinjiang Province, China
1986 - 1999 Studied, lived and worked in Beijing, China
1993 Founded Beijing Ammonal Gallery, China
1993 - 1998 Organized and participated at art exhibitions of Beijing Ammonal Gallery in China and abroad
1999 - 2005
Living and working as free-lance artist in Berlin, Germany as well as in Beijing, China
Since 2000 Member of the German National Association of Artists BBK

Inventory Catalogue

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

BLACK GREY, Art Beatus, Hong Kong
WHITE GREY, GDK I Galerie der Kuenste, Berlin
BLACK WHITE , Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai
Qin Chong Installations, Hai Shang Shan Art & Exhibition, Shanghai
Shadows, Kuenstlerhaus S11, Solothurn
Enchanting Paper, Federal Foreign Office, Berlin
Qin Chong, Ammonal Gallery, Beijing
First Solo Exhibition in Beijing

Selected Group Exhibitions:
Shu, Reinventing Books, China Art Institute Gallery, New York
Convergence at E116°/N40°, Beijing
The Other End, Hexiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen
Are You Eating My Tofu?, Backfabrik, Berlin
Invited to the 1st Beijing Dashanzi International Art Festival, Beijing
The Rest of the World, Neuffer am Park / Pruess & Ochs Gallery, Pirmasens
Pyrotektura, Water Reservoirs Berlin, Foerderband Kulturbuero
Chinese Artists Living in MEZ, 2yk-Gallery / Foerderkoje, Berlin
Bursary Exhibition, Brunswiker Pavillon, Kiel
Peking - Dachau, Dachau Castle (Sino-German Artists Workshop)
Bursary Exhibition, Zitadelle Spandau, Berlin
Young Art from China, En Passant Gallery, Hamburg
Poets in the Sunlight, Kulturbrauerei, Berlin
Chinese Art in Berlin, in cooperation with the German Humanistic Association, Berlin
2nd Joint Exhibition of Chinese Professional Painter's Works, Ammonal Gallery, Beijing
New Trends-Art Hong Kong and Avant - Garde Chinese Art Exhibition, Hong Kong
Chinese Professional Painter's Works - Winter Exhibition, Shenzhen
1st Joint Exhibition of Chinese Professional Painter's Works, Ammonal Gallery, Beijing

Burasaries / Scholarships:


Artist in Residence, Altes Spital Solothurn, Switzerland


Scholarship of the Ministry for Culture of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein
Lu, Sheng zhong

A First Look at Qin Chong's Paintings is Like Taking a Walk Through The Course of One's Life

The saying in Laotse's Tao Teking - ten thousand things hold the yin and embrace the yang - suggest continual changes and the development of precise scenarios, which bring me to the beginning of my journey It is there that I peacefully collect myself and choose the path to follow to life's end. But it is neither necessary nor feasible to repeat the path already crossed. It is experience and warning that are the keys to wisdom and strength these keys grant the beholder limitless plans for the future, plans brimming with spirit and energy
The tadpoles and quiet black squares in Qin Chong's paintings seem to present the phenomenon of life and death Labyrinthine coincidences and necessities can be seen in the paintings The great work with arranged white porcelain bowls symbolizing the waning and waxing of the moon illustrate the coincidences and necessities of the circle of life
The alternation of yin and yang is the basic principle of the universe it speaks for the present as well as eternity Perhaps Qin Chong's exhibition does not surpass the ideas of the traditional Chinese saints and wise men, instead with his special style he translates those ancient sayings into his own words

A Second Look at Qin Chong's Paintings is Like Entering a Clear World

Black can be separated into five shades, a principle of traditional Chinese painting which is compressed by Qin Chong into a sharp contrast of black and white This simplicity turns me away from the mass of colours of the modern world allowing me to examine the depth of humanity, nature and honesty A frank and sincere word may not always be profound but it is the only key to civilization Let the beholder adhere to the saying -one yin and one yang together is the way - and only then can one understand the secret that honesty can reveal.
In Qin Chong's paintings, black is the venerable king of colours All other colours would blend in and disappear This reminds me of a passage in Sima Qian's composition The Biography of the First Emperor Qin Shi Huang where it is written today the Emperor conquered the entire world, he separated black and white and created the only venerable ness.
Thus, the contradiction of yin and yang in all things exists not only at the root of Chinese culture, but also in the modern theory of colour, which claims that black and white are neutral. They depend on each other and yet, are opposites at the same time, arousing feelings in the viewer and giving themselves special significance

A Third Look at Qin Chong's Paintings Brings One Back to the Starting Point.

The Buddhist principle - put your body in order and nurse your heart - is accentuated in Qin Chong's paintings as a pure world. That idea calls upon me to remove, layer by layer, the clothes of civilization and to consciously cleanse myself of the dust of the trivial world, leaving behind nothing but a pure heart. After washing one must dress oneself again and put on a hat, but the foundation of every existent personality remains, the pure heart. Only then can one recognize oneself and decide what is truly a pleasing appearance

Qin Chong's paintings are extremely pure, they are immaculate. Even if there were no - Do Not Touch - signs, the viewer would not dare to soil them The Chinese have always regarded black, the symbol of a personality's golden mean, as a true colour Bao Wenzheng, a incorruptible judge in Chinese legends and classic opera has a black face. The face is like a mirror highly suspended that can reflect the dirt hidden in the depth of the heart.
Qin Chong has renounced all colours and chosen black and white. He has carefully arranged them as if he stood between the earth and the sky casting the shadow of his body upon the White Plains.

Lu Shengzhong
Beijing, March 2001

By Lu Shengzhong, Qin Chong, Qin Feng, 2001Zauberhaftes Papier - Enchanting Paper Publisher

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