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2003 Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University

Inventory Catalogue


2005.03 Collect(ive) Imagery, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong

2004.12 Fotanian 2004 - i-Kiln Studio, Fotan, Hong Kong

2004.11 Art it should be in Citygate, Citygate, Hong Kong

2004.10 ah na Bra Bra Show, Hong Kong Art Centre, Hong Kong

2004.09 The 4th Dimension - Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) Graduation Show, Hong Kong  Arts Centre

2003 Contemporary HK Art Biennial Exhibition 2003, Hong Kong Museum of Art


2003 Ceramic "Grater" collected by Hong Kong Museum of Art

Artist Statement:

Living in this society, everyone is being peeled by sharp knife every day, work pressures are inescapable, and even become part of our life!  Even when back to home, one still has no good meal, and no peace........

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