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On a business trip to China from New York about 12 years ago, photographer Shen Young discovered that the traditional Suzhou embroidery techniques would greatly enhance his photography works, he made up his mind to devote himself full time to found and create a new art form - "Chinese Needle Paintings” for the world.

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He quit the high paid job that he had worked 18 years and sold his three houses in the United States to invest into this new art form. As a result, he put in not only money and ten years of his time but his marriage as well. His wife divorced him because of his uncompromising attitude towards this art form.

Young was born in Shantou, Guangdong in 1947. He came to Hong Kong in 1971 and then onwards to New York in 1978. In New York, he worked in the public relations, sports promotion and garment industry. His hobby in photography has made him a noted photographer in the United States.

In "Double Exposures" exhibition, Young will show his photography works as well as his needle paintings to the Hong Kong viewers. Each of the needle paintings takes embroiders about a year to finish and consists of more than one million stitches of silk threads on it.

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