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Born in Japan
Moved to Canada
Lives and works in Vancouver, Canada

Inventory Catalogue

Work and Exhibitions
“Conversations on the Street”, Art Beatus (Vancouver) Consultancy Ltd, Vancouver, BC
2009 Joined the Vancouver Knitting Club
2008 Joined the Vancouver Fiber Artist Guild
The Powell Street Festival exhibited “The Tale of the Heike”
Bra Purse Challenge for North America’s Breast Cancer fund raising exhibited Willington, Connecticut, US. All winners’ Bra Purses traveled on the East Coast for the fund raising tour.
2006 Solo exhibition, "The Tale of Heike", Art Beatus (Vancouver), Vancouver, Canada
2003 Open a Doll making class
2002 Open a booth for "Tall Ship Festival"
2002 Awarded two 2nd Prize at the Kansas doll show
2001 Original Doll show at "The Doll Museum Soleil" in Japan
1998 Awarded Bronze by "Yuzawaya art show in Japan
1994 - 1996 Opened a booth for "Powel street festival "
Displayed " Ann of Green Gables and scarecrow " at the PEI Hotel
1993 Presented "Footie doll" to at that time Prime Minister Ms. Kim Campbell
1990 Certificate class of Modeling clay
1989 Awarded two First prizes at Canada Doll Lover's Society.  Footie doll and Fantasy doll
1986 - 1989 Took a porcelain doll class
Moved to Canada
1979 - 1980 Made stuffing dolls for Infant monthly magazine in Japan
1979 Start doll making

Artist Statement

Original Dolls by Tomoka Ike

I was born and raised in a small town in Southern Japan. There were no strangers there, everyone knew each other. It was good, but a little boring to me. Whenever I met a stranger it excited me because the stranger meant that there was an opportunity for new knowledge about a different world.

In the city, we come across strangers all the time. It's a chance for something new and exciting. I love to watch the people on the street.

The city inspires me.

Tomoka Ike  池  共香

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