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Louis Cha is a legendary writer whose martial art novels have been screen-played into numerous movies and serial dramas on television.  Readers of martial art novels are also familiar with Tung Pui-sun, who did thousands of illustrations for newspapers and magazines to accompany martial art and detective novels in Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

The irony is: Tung and Cha appreciated one another but missed an opportunity to work together some 40 years ago. As a result, Tung has not drawn any illustration for any of Cha's novels.

Tung, who started doing illustrations for the media at the age of 19, is also a zealous reader as well as a keen collector of Cha's novels of various editions.

In March, Tung dared to ask Cha for his permission to do a series of paintings on some of the illustrious moments in his stories. Cha gave the painter an affirmative answer. Tung spent six months and completed a series of over thirty works, some measuring 168cm by 366cm and depicting over 50 characters in them.

The series of works were well received in exhibitions both in Guangzhou and Macau in October. Audiences in Hong Kong nearly missed out viewing these works as Tung was preparing to send the paintings back to Vancouver where he resides now. To herald the arrival of the Year of Dog, Art Beatus Gallery will show Tung's series of Chinese paintings in two parts in January.