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Born in Haarlem, Netherlands
Graduated in Applied Arts in Besançon, France
Graduated in industrial design in Dôle, France and discovered glass blowing at the High School of Decorative Arts of Strasbourg
Started his own workshop in Lyon, France, led by a trade-guild of well-known glass Masters

Inventory Catalogue

Glass Artist & Craftsman for Creative People

National Delegate at the World Craft Council Europe
Co-founder of the « Griffes Lyonnaises »
Member of « Comité Bellecour »

Vincent Breed is known by his creations in the universe of the tableware, in a pure, ludic and coloured esthetic.

He produces an always poetic universe in the field of custom designed luminary.  He approaches it in spectacular dimensions and makes the glass dance.

Concentrated on contemporary creations, the sculptural work of Vincent is monumental, daring, sweet and sensual.  These sculptures play with the light of surrounding space and disorder the perception of the spectator.  The human dimensions push back the limits of blown glass.

Vincent Breed collaborates with architects, designers and artists for whom he makes prototypes and small series.  Jean Nouvel, Matali Crasset, Noe Duchauffour-Lawrence, Hilton McConnico, Tony Chi and other artists have called upon his services.

Vincent Breed represents French Art and Craft at the World Craft Council - Europe.

Selected Exhibitions and Collaborations

Asia Contemporary Art Show 2013, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong
"SLIK", HOUG Gallery, Paris, France

Design Miami (Basel), duo exhibition with Matali Crasset, Granville Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

"Contact", Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong
"3 terrirories", INMA, Lisbon, Paris and Madrid

"Duet: An Event of Le French May", Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Art 2011 - Hong Kong International Art Fair, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong

Biennial of Contemporary Art in Venice, Glass Museum of Murano, Venice, Italy

Biennial of Contemporary Art in Lyon, RBC, Lyon, France
Monumental sculpture for Pacific Century Premium Developments, Hong Kong

Installation of a Royal Tea Table for Residence Bel-Air, Hong Kong

ShContemporary - The Asia Pacific Contemporary Art Fair, Art Beatus Gallery, Shanghai, China

Biennial of Design in Saint Etienne, Saint Etienne, France
Monumental sculpture for Cyberport Ltd - Bel Air On the Peak, Hong Kong

Inno Design Tech Expo, Hong Kong
International Design Art London, Clara Scremini Gallery, London, UK

Two monumental sculptures for Cyberport Ltd - Bel Air On the Peak, Hong Kong
Collaboration with Noé Duchauffour-Lawrence, for Maya Bay, Monaco

Prototype perfume bottle "l'Homme" for Yves Saint Laurent, designed by Jean Nouvel

Exhibition in the French Consulate, New York, USA

Exhibition in the Residence of the Consul of France, Los Angeles, USA
Collaboration with Jean Nouvel and Gilles Clément for the garden of the Musée du Quai Branly, Paris, France

Exhibition in Agath Pagart Gallery, Belgium

Exhibition in Delegation du Gran Lyon, Paris, France

Exhibition at the French Institute, New York, USA

Exhibition in Millionar Fair, Moscow, Russia
Monumental sculptures for the lobby of Murano Urban Resort, Paris, France

International Exhibition of Contemporary Glass, Alisay, France
Exhibition in Design Center, New York, USA

International Exhibition of Contemporary Glass, Alisay, France
Collaboration with artist Vincent Mandel for the realization of a monumental sculpture, Reyrieux, France

International Exhibition of Contemporary Glass, Alisay, France
International Exhibition of Contemporary Glass, Alisay, France
Collaboration with architect Jean-Yves Arrivetz for the restoration of Baccarat 1930's chandeliers

First solo exhibition in the Mateo Gallery, France

International Exhibition of Contemporary Glass, Alisay, France
Contemporary Art Work Awarded given by SEMA Ministry of Culture
Lyon Label Awarded given by the Mayor of Lyon
Young Artist Award given by Ateliers d'Art de France
1001 Talents Award given by Region Rhône Alpes
Challenge-Young Talent Awarded by the French Ministry of Youth and Sports

Artist Statement


The main concept of the works is ‘FERTILITY’.

The pieces signify ‘positive energy’ from nature.  Energy that overrides all difficult and challenging conditions. Life forces that grow beyond imagination and can be fermented in any circumstance and environment - like a tree growth on a concrete roof or a seed that prospers through stone cracks. These objects are born to an impaired situation.

The dynamic, energetic, lively, organic glass objects are grown out of a contradictory substance: ‘concrete’ which denote hardness, solidity, coldness and lifeless.  Building up a strong life force that demonstrates NATURE always WINS.

Mankind can be so arrogant.  Nuclear power plants are built to replace natural energy but this results in world beauty being destroyed with their own hands.

Glass is a living subject; its molecules are always moving.  The materials are alive and are morphing and changing continuously.  The internal movements are subtle and unseen but when we are close to it, the reflection of people together with its surrounding, makes the objects become active, reciprocating the movement around it.

The existence of life force is interactive with the adjacent environment - the light, the shadow, the people, all coexist within an infinitive space.

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