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1994 Graduated from the External School of Chinese University, Hong Kong

Certificate in Painting and Drawing

2003 The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University(RMIT), BA (Fine Art) in Painting

Inventory Catalogue


2005 Collect(ive) Imagery, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong

2004 The 4th Dimension - Gradition Show of B.A. Fine Art program , jointly presented in Hong Kong by The Art School of the Hong Kong Arts Centre and the School of Art and Culture, RMIT University, Australia.

2003 Extended City - Painting Exhibition, Taikoo Place Exhibition Area, Hong Kong

2003 8 Stretching Memories - multimedia visual art exhibition, Shanghai Street Art Space Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong

2003 Residency Project for International Renowned Visual Artists Xu Bing Workshop -Group Exhibition, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre

2003 Inseparable-an exhibition on small works, The Art School Learning Centre Galleries, Hong Kong

2002 Green Show - Group Exhibition ,Art School Learning Centre Galleries, Hong Kong

2001 More More Cha Cha - Exhibition of Paintings, The Art School Learning Centre Galleries, Hong Kong

1999 Impression - Fung Suk Ha, Hong Kong Culture Centre, Fringe Club, Hong Kong

Artist Statement:

We are living in modern city and have improved our living standards to expand our cityscape. We built modern building and skyscrapers that are meant to represent these countries- "role on the international stage", even though the destroy of nature.  How we can achieve balance between city and nature?  I used various medium and own experience to introspect the relationship between human beings and nature.

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