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Born in 1963 in Yumen, Gansu Province, currently lives in China.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:


Oil Paintings by Zhuang Hui, Luoyang, Henan Province, China


Solo Installation, Luoyang, Henan Province, China

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2001 Art Chicago 2001, Navy Pier, USA

Art 32 Basel, Switzerland

Art Palm Beach, USA

Representing the people, touring exhibition, Laing Art Gallery,

Newcastle, Midland Art Centre, Birmingham

The First Fukuoka Asian Triennial, The Asian Museum,



International Foto - Triennial Esslingen, Galerie der Stadt

Esslingen, Germany

Confusion, Contemporary Art Fair, Amsterdam, The


New Works From Chinese Artists, Galerie Urs MMeile,

Lucerne, Switzerland

Seven Contemporary Chinese Artists, Nikolas Sonne Fine

Arts, Berlin, Germany

It's Me, Worker's Cultural Palace, Forbidden City, Beijing,



Art Basel, Switzerland

Zeitgenosische Fotokunst sus der Volksrepublik China

(Contemporary Photography from the People's Republic

of China), Kunstverein, Berlin, Germany

The Dream of China, Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing, China

Chinese Photography and Video, Max Protetch Gallery, New

York, USA


Visual Art Festival, Kunstverein and Kunsthaus, Hamburg,



Made a Journey to the Three Gorges for the work Traces/

Remains, Hubei and Sichuan Province, China

Editor for Red Flag(The Black Book), Beijing, China

Chinese Avant-Garde Art Documentation, Tokyo, Japan


Third Historical Document Exhibition, Shanghai, China

First New Artwork Concepts, exhibition of proposals and

materials for projects, Hanmo Gallery, Beijing, China

Made a pilgrimage along the Silk Road for the work Summer,

Gansu Province, China

Dialogue with experimental artist Zhu Fadong, published in

Today's Pioneer, Beijing, China

Artist's Statement:

Zhuang Hui is from Luoyang in Henan Province, a city that is the birthplace of most Chinese photographers. A tradition regarding himself, however, which has come to an end with his father and elder brother. In the most vivid memories of the artist it is precisely his father's profession, an itinerant photographer during the period prior to the "Liberation" (1949) who subsequently became a salaried worker in photographic studio in the remote center of Yumen, on the Silk Route, where he had voluntarily gone into exile with his family in order to avoid a bureaucratic post offered by the newly installed Communist Party.

The subjects of Zhuang's photographs had originally been the rich landowners who had their portraits taken either singularly or with the family clan, They were subsequently replaced by the common people who during the most 'fervent' periods of the history of the new People's Republic testified to the events decreed by the Party - such as the "occupation of the country side" with the help of photography. The small Hui used to go around with his father, with curiosity and trepidation overseeing all of the movements carried out by his parent: such as when he disappeared under a piece of black cloth together with a folding (bellows) camera and, after a couple of days, produced the images of the persons photographed, as if by magic. The premature death of his father, when Hui was only 7yrs old, brusquely interrupted when father - son relationship., Photography, however, continued to subtly fascinate the child, giving rise to painful memories, His father's old studio, which from being a "state" one is now privatized, was recently reacquired by the artist's brother in this way returning to the family.

The self portrait

- by Zhang Hui

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