News Releases -- Connoisseur Series No.1

November, 1996

Connoisseur Series No.1

Vancouver, B.C. -- Art Beatus proudly launches its ground-breaking "Connoisseurs Series" this year, showing remarkable Chinese paintings and calligraphy by several connoisseurs.

A connoisseur must be an art enthusiast who has thorough understanding of art for which good judgment and knowledge are needed. It has been the focus of Art Beatus to present both valuable and educational art exhibitions. By inviting connoisseurs to present their own works of art, Art Beatus would like to help the audience get a better understanding of how to appreciate art.

We are honored to have invited Kwan S. Wong, Harold Wong and Arnold Chang, three celebrated and noted connoisseurs and artists, to participate in the first exhibition.

Kwan S. Wong received his art education in Hong Kong, Japan and the United States of America. His scholarly studies of Chinese paintings and calligraphy won him international recognition. He has written a number of academic treatises and has been invited to participate in several overseas exhibitions. In, 1981, he joined Christie's and is now the International Director of Chinese Painting.

Born in an art collectors' family Harold Wong developed an inimitable style in art in his youth. He held his first solo exhibition the age of 19 and later continued his artistic pursuits in England and the United States of America. He founded Hanart Gallery in 1977 and has recently been concentrating on painting.

Born and educated in the United States of America, Arnold Chang showed prodigious interest in Chinese art from his youth. He studied under the famous connoisseur C.C.Wang and was very much influenced by him. Chang used to host the auction of Chinese paintings and calligraphy at Sotheby's and now an art consultant in New York.

You are cordially invited to come and see these impressive works of the three artists. Not only their achievements in connoisseurship, but also their proficient painting styles and creative potential brought them popular acclaim. After its premiere show at the Hong Kong Arts Centre, "Connoisseurs Series 1" will continue at Art, Vancouver. A talk conducted by the three artists will also be held in conjunction with the exhibition. Whether you are knowledgeable or new to art, it is a valuable chance to appreciate and understand the diversity of contemporary art at its best.

Art Beatus, with galleries in Vancouver, Canada and Hong Kong, focuses on international contemporary Chinese art. The Vancouver gallery is on the upper plaza at 888 Nelson Street.

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