New Installations by Huang Yong Ping and Xu Bing
Huang Yong Ping and Xu Bing

Terminal, 1996 by Huang Yong Ping Classroom Caligraphy,1994-1996 by Xu Bing

New Installations by Huang Yong Ping and Xu Bing

Vancouver, B.C. In collaboration with the city-wide project titled Jiang Nan- Modern & Contemporary Chinese Art from the South of the Yangzi River, Art Beatus Gallery and the Annie Wong Art Foundation are pleased to present new installations by artists Huang Yong Ping and Xu Bing from March 6 until April 11, 1998.

Terminal, 1996 by Huang Yong Ping

The model for Amsterdam's Schiphol international airport is divided into 2 levels: departure level and arrival level, inside these levels is a maze. Living spiders, scorpions, snakes, lizards, crickets, locusts, beetles, centipedes are placed inside the five departure terminals, and specimens of dead insects in the arrival terminal.

Is this the very destination for the vigorous international transit of the post-modern world, or a mere gathering place for the birth and death of animals? Is this the myth for the transformation of human beings into insects?

Classroom Calligraphy,1994-1996 by Xu Bing

The basic idea is to create a classroom in the gallery. Each desk has a small container of ink, brush and a elementary calligraphy book, created by myself. You will see that the book is a teaching tool for learning calligraphy and the words will have a square word style resembling Chinese strokes. The square words will look Chinese but not be understood by Chinese yet will be understandable for western people because in fact the square words are English. The audience can try to learn these words by following the "Elementary New English Calligraphy Instruction Video".

When people try to recognize and write these words, they begin a process of having to forcefully and constantly readjust their ingrained thinking. During this process of readjustment and transformation, their former concepts are powerfully replaced and attacked. people need to have their routine thinking attacked in this way. While undergoing this process of strange and yet familiar (the strangeness comes from within oneself) transformation one can enter a realm never experienced before.

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