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Large Running Script Calligraphy, 1996 by Kwan S. Wong

Born in Taishan Country, Guangdong Province, China

Selected Exhibitions:


The Connoiseur Series #1, Art Beatus Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

The Connoiseur Series #1, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Organized by Art Beatus Hong Kong


Participated in the Third International calligraphy Exhibition, Tokyo

One Man Show, Cicada Gallery of Fine Arts, Singapore


Participated in the First International Calligraphy Exhibition, Singapore

Artist's Biography:

Received his art education in Hong Kong, Japan, and the United States of America. His scholarly studies of Chinese paintings and calligraphy won him international recognition. He has written a number of academic treatises and has been invited to participate in several overseas exhibitions. In 1981, he joined Christie's and is now the international Director of Chinese painting.

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Canada: tel: (1) 604.688.2633, fax: (1) 604.688.2685