latest works of Chinese photo artists

Art Beatus Vancouver, November 9th to January 6th, 2001
Hai Bo, Song Dong, Zhuang Hui

Hai Bo, 1999


"Kaleidoscope" extends a most ethereal feeling for you to experience and ponder. Art Beatus Gallery is happy to bring you their newest exhibition beginning November 9, 2001 with a 6pm reception, ending January 6, 2002.

Conceptual photography plays a most important role in the contemporary art scene, easy to portray intellectual and artistic ideas; a lot of contemporary Chinese artists love to use this medium to extend their belief. Images can so easily be exposed in photography, aiding the artist to criticize society and impart characterizations of reality in their own past life experiences, playing with philosophy and points of view. Topics may range from revolutionary idealist issues to the sobering realities of day to day living. All presented in the raw un-rendered true to life form; photography. There are no lies in photographs.

Internationally recognized artists, Hai Bo and Song Dong, Zhuang Hui introduce to you photographs and video installation for sharing and pushing forward questions that invoke discussion of the likes you've never seen. Avoiding these topics are not possible when dealing with these creative works.
Hai Bo's simplistic and compact pieces of art take place on the border between art and life, trying to recapture past days, perhaps a glimpse of time. Hai Bo’s photographs the same group more than once in a lifetime. Hai's art has a long shelf life before completion, like a fine wine, by photographing a group of people then placing the portrait on hold for ten or twenty years, he again adds another segment to the work of art by retaking the equivalent photo again in present time. Skill, thought and aesthetic charisma does not factor; it's the raw photo that matters. Hai Bo was nominated and participated in the 49th Venice Biennale.

Song Dong started using installations, video, photography and other mediums to share his artistic talents with others since the early 90's. His combination of the environment is evident and not limited to one look. Eastern colors and a feeling of Zen encapsulate most of his pieces. Song Dong also has an element of theater in his work, not evident at first sight. The feeling that there is certainly something good residing within him becomes clearer with each presented piece. It’s a Zen thing.

Zhuang Hui's work always includes people in groups, standing or sitting, sometimes as many as three hundred and fifty. The works always stand up asking the same two questions, "What's the picture topic?!" and "Who is the main individual?!”. A civil society’s institutional framework is a précis to the series. Zhuang Hui also becomes one with his art, not only does he create the piece but he is always a figure within as well. Interpretations vary widely.

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