Master Strokes

Civilization Landscapes by Qin Feng

April 20  - May 10, 2004

The size of Qin Feng’s works has much to do with where he came from. He was raised in the grassland of the Xinjiang Region; viewers always have a feeling that the papers that he uses are not enough to hold his strokes.

Qin narrates in his Ten-year Travelogue, “ When I was a kid, I used to pee a circle into the foot-deep snow and had tremendous fun looking at the images the emerged from the drawing: a picture, a sun, a dream.” He used to pick up a sickle and cut paths in the grassland and linked them into non-symmetrical figures.

Educated and graduated from the Shandong Art Institute in 1985, Qin spent ten years winding his way towards his artistic pursuit. He left China in 1996 for Berlin, Germany, where he worked and stayed until he moved to Boston, USA in 1999. He now divides his time between his two studios in Beijing and in Boston. 

He will show among his other large works, his latest series, the Civilization Landscapes, in the new space of Art Beatus at Exchange Square Podium. The exhibition opens on April 20, 2004 and lasts until May 10, 2004.

Speaking about his Civilization Landscape, Qin said,” I plan to use tens of thousands of symbols and languages to produce softwares and other artifacts, and spread them over various spaces, creating dialogues with other civilizations.” He hopes to use his own language and system of symbols and signs to re-create and represent ancient cultures and civilizations that have long disappeared in the wind.

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