Shen Qin

Recent Works

September 2 – October 22, 2004 

Art Beatus (Vancouver) is pleased to present a special showcase review of recent works by Chinese artist, Shen Qin.  The artist’s colour and ink paintings on rice paper will be featured from September 2 – October 22, 2004. 

Shen Qin was born in Nanjing, China and graduated in 1981 from the Jiangsu Art Academy in the Jiangsu province.  A first class artist in China, Shen is known to be potentially one of the greatest contemporary painters working in Chinese colour and ink.

The artist often uses more than one focal point to create an imbalance while introducing symbolic objects into his paintings.  This not only gives profound meaning to his work but also leaves room for the viewer’s imagination to explore and expand.  An oriental tone is presented in the transparency of colour and ink, yet while Shen’s work may reflect a traditional era, it crosses the boundary of Chinese painting into contemporary art.

Those who view Shen’s paintings often experience the feeling of life and energy in his work.  Elements in his paintings, mountains, water, subjects, and the ink itself, are tools which help the artist create this experience - this experience is the artist’s philosophy on art.  For Shen Qin, keeping a fresh feeling to the work is more valuable than sharpening one’s technique.

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Wannan Landscape Farmland