People - Plants - People

Works by Ren Rong

November 4 - November 30, 2004

Opening Ceremony - November 4, 2004 6pm - 8pm:  The opening ceremony will be officiated by the Consul General of Germany in Hong Kong.  Dr. Wilhelm Beuth and the artist will be present. For over 15 years, Ren Rong has incessantly worked on an icon of his own: plant people.

These organic creations resemble deviations of the century-old images of Chinese folk crafts of paper-cut. Ren presents them as embodiments featuring human heads and plant bodies. In his works, viewers often see heads, hands and other human features extending from flexible and calligraphic plant bodies on thematic backgrounds.

Over the years, Ren has developed series of paper-cuts, photograph cuts and wood-cuts using a wide variety of media.

Born and educated in Nanjiang, Ren moved to study and work in Dusseldorf in 1989. He made his name in the adopted country. This German artist of Chinese origin is a sworn believer of the saying – “there is no construction without destruction; there is no making without breaking” and he will keep on deconstructing old concepts and breaking new grounds.

He will be showing a full range of his works in the up-coming November exhibition at Art Beatus Gallery.

Art Beatus Gallery is located at Shop 301-302 Exchange Square Podium level. For further information about this exhibition, you may reach us by email at, by telephone to Dominic Chan at 852.2522.1138 or Josephine Hau at 852.2526.0818.

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