Bustling "e" Age

Works by Wang Nengtao

December 3 - 31, 2004

Opening Ceremony - December 2, 2004 6pm - 8pm:   The artist will be present at the opening ceremony.

Wang Nengtao is one of the leading versatile artists in Beijing.  He paints, sculpts, takes photographs and organizes events as well as dishes out creative ideas to a prominent monthly life-styles magazine in Beijing.

Born in the northeastern Heilongjiang Province in 1962, Wang has experienced the harsh reality of life.  He diligently worked his way to Beijing and established himself as a professional artist in 1989.

In this up-coming exhibition at Art Beatus Gallery, Wang will put his multi-faceted talent on full display: paintings, photo works and sculptures.

For years Wang has worked to bring "poster art" to a new height. His new series of paintings will help him achieve that. The skillful combinations of eye-catching contemporary phrases and the pastel-colored paintings will take the viewers' perception back a few decades ago to the revolutionary years of China  but with a new twist.  His sculptures definitely belong to the kitsch generation.

For further information about this exhibition, you may reach us by email at dyiu@artbeatus.com.hk, by telephone to Dominic Chan at 852.2522.1138 or Josephine Hau at 852.2526.0818.  Art Beatus Gallery is located at Shop 301-302 Exchange Square Podium level.

Bustling "e" Age No. 1

Diary Series No. 21

Bustling "e" Age No. 16