Landscape Forever

Oil paintings of Lo Shyh-charng

July 6 - July 27, 2007

Artist will attend the opening ceremony from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on July 6, 2007

In most of his paintings, Lo Shyh-charng has successfully imbedded an intrinsic energy that aims to induce the viewers to explore beyond the apparent imageries on the canvases.

The colour fields that vividly replicate the sceneries that Lo wished to depict at some specific moments of time, the way how he applied the subtle and  pastel pigments as well as the final presentation of the finished works are actually the real quests for him time after time.  His works bear striking similitude to the abstract expressionistic works, especially those of late Mark Rothko.

We name this exhibition Landscape Forever for the reasons that the exhibits were depicting actual locations around Vancouver, and Landscape painting is a convenient starting point for art-lovers to appreciate Lo’s works. The literal quality of the word, Forever, denotes the enjoyment of our gallery in showing these works.

Our gallery has much reservation in classifying most of Lo’s works as landscapes and people who have seen his works tend to agree. Some exhibits are paintings of scenery but most works come closer to abstract, with fields of adjacent colours, and are strongly expressionistic, covered with sensitive brushstrokes of the artist.

Born in Japan, grew up in Taiwan, trained as an anthropologist and museologist in Taiwan and then in Canada, Lo is a self-taught artist. For 18 years, he has been fine-tuning his style full time after quitting his job with the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto in 1989 and moved to Vancouver with his family.

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