No Big Deal

Works of Wang Nengtao

August 3 - August 24, 2007

Artist will attend the opening ceremony from 6:30pm to 8:30pm on August 3, 2007

With his colourful limited edition prints, Wang Nengtao hopes to incarcerate the remaining positive attitudes still held by people in China today. Some of the attitudes that he wishes to maintain are fast vanishing and some have already been sarcastically twisted and remarked.

Wang is fighting an uphill battle to uplift these ideal attitudes. In “No Big Deal” exhibition, Wang will show his works in print done over the past three years. He adorned them with slogans such as “Have High Ideals Since Young”, “Look Forward”, “Things Will Turn Better”, “Definitely We Will Over-take the U.S.”, ”Absolutely, Resolutely” and, of course, ”No Big Deal”.

The prints selected for this exhibition will be his smaller works, as the large ones are big enough to cover walls. The works remind viewers of the propaganda posters in China during the sixties and seventies of the last century but the colours and presentation are definitely contemporary.

Wang was born in Harbin, Heilongjiang, China in 1962 and graduated from the Art Department of the Central Ethnic Academy in 1988. He became a full time artist since 1989.

Art Beatus Gallery’s new exhibition space is located at 35 Graham Street, Ground Floor, Central, Hong Kong (near Hollywood Road and Lyndhurst Terrace). For further information about this exhibition or for interviewing the artist, you can e-mail us at or call either Dominic Chan at 2522-1138 or Josephine Hau at 2526-0818.

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