Mother Earth

Photographs of Feng Xue Min

November 1 - 23, 2007

Artist will attend the opening ceremony from 6pm to 8pm on November 1, 2007

Feng, who now works and lives in Tokyo, will show viewers glimpses of his motherland. In focus are places such as Jingdezhen (home of China’s porcelain wares), Shaoxing (noted for its wine, creeks and waterways), Changbai Mountains (ginseng country and snow bound mountains), Yunnan (terraced paddy fields on hill slopes and Lijiang), Guizhou (lively colours of China’s minorities) and Tibet (Mount Everest and the mysterious landscape).

Feng was given the name of “imagery poet” by the Japanese mass media for his captivating works. In 1999, he won the “Sun Award”, the highest photography honour in Japan, and it was the first time that such award was presented to a non-Japanese in its history of 36 years. His works have been shown in various exhibitions around the world.

Art Beatus Gallery’s new exhibition space is located at 35 Graham Street, Ground Floor, Central, Hong Kong (near Hollywood Road and Lyndhurst Terrace). For further information about this exhibition or for interviewing the artist, you can e-mail us at or call either Dominic Chan at 2522-1138 or Josephine Hau at 2526-0818.

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