Paintings by Frank Burbach

February 5 - 28, 2009

Exhibition Duration:  February 5 - February 28, 2009

When one first meets Frank Burbach, the Consul General of Germany in Hong Kong, his exceptional well-formed head makes a strong impression. Well-dressed and well mannered, his appearance is the standard portrait of a seasoned diplomat. Few people know that Burbach has a wild side as well - he is also an accomplished artist of abstract paintings.

His well-formed head came from the fact that he kept both hemispheres of his brain in full use since early in his life. While taking law classes in the university of his hometown in Munich, Germany, he was studying courses in the art academy at night. He was developing both the left and right sides of his brain at the same time. He finally chose to be a lawyer and, later, a diplomat yet he has not given up on his artistic pursuit, which has since occupied his weekends and holidays over the years.

Burbach has shown his works in various exhibitions including solos at the Cable Street Studio Gallery, London in 1997, 1998 and 1999; and in the Study Gallery, Poole in 2001.  His works are in various private collections in Germany, England, Spain and France.

He will put on display some of the fruits and flowers in his Wilderness exhibition at the Art Beatus exhibition space starting February 5, 2009 till February 28, 2009.

The exhibits consist of works that he painted over the past 13 years.  The forceful brush strokes and delineations, entwining runs of vibrant drips as well as fields of harmonious or contrasting pigments, some seem wild and free but many, when viewers settle their eyes, are patterned and logical. Burbach said that each of his works is an encounter or a chronicle of his expression and he invites viewers to come and experience.

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