100 Million Years' Landscape

Works by Yuan Shun

April 7 - 28, 2011

Artist will be present in the Opening Reception: April 7, 2011 (Thursday), 6pm - 8pm

Artist Statement:

The meandering river of time has chronicled the development history of mankind while history itself documents of the intrigues of the rises and falls as well as the juxtapositions of brightness and shadiness of times. This project narrates and explores the realm of the continuation and probability of human civilization and that, of course, embraces its past, present and future.

Amalgamation and ambiguity are the primary techniques that have been applied in this project. For examples, the dragon is an embodiment of features of several kinds of animals, the landscape depictions
bear no characteristics of any region while the flying objects and celestial bodies are all non-forms.

This project, 100 Million Years’ Landscape, is the present time/space transit station that links up the past and the future.
Yuan Shun, Beijing,

100 Million Years’ Landscape exhibition starts on April 7th, 2011 and goes on for three weeks.

For further information or interview with the artist, you can contact us at dyiu@artbeatus.com.hk or call Dominic Chan at 2522-1138 or Josephine Hau at 2526-0818.

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A Hundred Million Years' Landscape #22

A Hundred Million Years' Landscape #28

A Hundred Million Years' Landscape #26