An Event of Le French May - DUET

Works by Vincent Breed & Louis Boudreault

May 5 - 27, 2011

Artist will be present in the Opening Reception: May 5, 2011, 6pm - 8pm

Duet is an aesthetic presentation of two artists who work with two totally different media for one joint celebration of contemporary creativity.

Vincent Breed from Lyon, France, is known for his poetic manipulation of the blown glass techniques. His intricate control of the material has pushed the exquisite beauty of glass sculpturing to new limits. He literally makes his glass pieces dance for him.

Breed was born in Haarlem, Netherlands in 1971 and moved to France with his family when he was twelve years old. Having graduated in Industrial Design, he then joined the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. He trained with various international glass masters before setting up his own workshop in 1999. Vincent has worked with other prominent design artists such as Jean Nouvel and Matali Crasset. He will represent French Art Glass at the Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art 2011.

French-Canadian Louis Boudreault captivates viewers with his personal style of portrayal and aesthetic presentation of his works. His depiction of the childhood faces of the famous and powerful is narrating history as well as evoking collective memories.

Boudreault was born in Québec, Canada in 1965 and studied in l’Ecole du Louvre in Paris. He works mainly in Montréal and the North American art scene.

Duet, an event of Le French May, starts on May 5th, 2011 and goes on for three weeks.                                                                                                                                                                          

For further information or interview with the artist, you can contact us at or call Dominic Chan at 2522-1138 or Josephine Hau at 2526-0818.

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Photo: Copyright "Erick Saillet"

Fecond Red

Photo: Copyright "Erick Saillet"


Andy Warhol I

Pablo Picasso II