Sceond Look

Abstract Photographs of Xu Yong

July 15 - September 9, 2011

Opening Reception: July 15 (Fri), 3pm - 6pm

Art Beatus (Vancouver) Consultancy Ltd. is pleased to present, “Second Look” featuring abstract photographs of “Xu Yong”.  The exhibition opens with a reception on Friday, July 15, 2011 from 3pm to 6pm and the public are encouraged to attend.  Challenging traditional photography, Xu Yong’s abstract shots push the expectations of viewers to adjust their idea of what to see in an image into how to see an image.

Testing the eyes and perception of anyone who sees his work, Xu Yong’s blurred photographs compel audiences to pause and have a second look.  The artist wants to create more than the visual angst caused by the abstract imageries in his photos; Xu’s aim is to challenge the very core of the methodology of photography.  By deliberately disturbing the recording of objects-in-focus through a barrier in his camera, he forces viewers to switch from the accepted concept of ‘capturing an image of the world’ to ‘capturing an image made possible by photography’.

Fuzzy blocks of vibrant colour and patches of grey gradations similar to that of Chinese shun-mo paintings make up Xu Yong’s series of abstract imageries.  What appears familiar is awkwardly strange; images that appear curiously bizarre tend to be ordinary subjects.  In an essay on photo production and of Xu Yong’s work, Chinese artist and curator Shu Yang writes, “Such approach obviously belongs to the tradition of modernistic art in pursuit of methodology. These images of Xu Yong are deliberately made to obstruct our view of the actual objects and to impose visual anxiety. Photography, then, becomes a method of ‘purely seeing.'"

Xu Yong is no stranger to the Beijing art scene.  He made his name twenty years ago photographing the Hutongs (old residential alleys or cul-de-sacs) of old Beijing, was the founder of the Hutong-Go-Around Tour, and the key figure and promoter behind the now world-renowned Beijing 798 Art Zone. Originally exhibited at Art Beatus in Hong Kong, the gallery is pleased to be exhibiting the works in a follow-up show at its Vancouver location for local audiences.  “Second Look – Abstract Photographs of Xu Yong” runs from July 15 , 2011 – September 9, 2011.

Art Beatus, with a location in Vancouver, Canada and two locations in Hong Kong, showcases international art with a focus on contemporary Chinese art.  Art Beatus (Vancouver) is located in the Nelson Square Office Tower at 108 – 808 Nelson Street in Vancouver, BC.

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