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Art Beatus Vancouver, August 9 - October 12, 2002 | top |

Memories of Hong Kong

Memories of Hong Kong, featuring works by photographer, Benson Bing-Sum Tam, show the different faces of people, ranging from toddlers to seniors, from poor to rich. These images express the events, background and customs, which represent these particular periods of time. They illustrate the average person at work and at leisure. It was a modest lifestyle compared to an opulent one of today. These hard-working people provide an endless source of energy, interest and determination. These are some of the elements that contributed to the prosperity and affluences of Hong Kong. It is the wish of the photographer to share this recollection of his fond memories with all Hong Kong people, elderly, mid-aged and young.

Art Beatus Vancouver, May 30 - July 31, 2002 | top |


Art Beatus Gallery is pleased to present two modern artists with international backgrounds who have redefined themselves in Western society. Hye-Kyung Kim, is a Korean-Canadian artist who uses rich colors and elements from nature to express her feelings; Toru Sugita is a Japanese-American artist who is attracted to and affected by light and shadow. This is the first time the gallery has ever featured such a unique pairing of artists, each with their own distinct style which contrast yet complement one another; a combination of the natural versus urban environment.

Art Beatus Vancouver, March 15 - May 10, 2002 | top |

Moving Stills

The exhibition opens with a reception on the evening of March 15, 2002, from 5 pm to 8 pm. You are sure to be delighted by original art and film works, drawings, sketches, paintings, and animated stills by eleven of Vancouver's finest and most-active animators, Al Sens, Dan Collins, Ann Marie Fleming, Bruce Alcock, Gail Noonan, Joe Chang, Hilary Denny, Marilyn Cherenko, Marv Newland, Shelley McIntosh, and Steve Evangelatos. Moving Stills promises a genuinely unique experience for all those interested in art, and that of animation. It will take you to an imaginary, yet realistic place; a cross-linked realm that you will never want to leave.

Art Beatus Vancouver, January 11 - March 2, 2002 | top |

A Group Exhibition

Art Beatus Gallery is proud to present to you, Spring Group Exhibition, featuring the works of several internationally recognized artists starting January 11, 2002 with a 6 pm reception. The featured artists include: Chen Dan-qing, Dong Biao, Gu Wen-da, Hou Wen-yi, Huang Yong-ping, Liang Shao-ji, Ma Ke-lu, Qin Yu-fen, Wang Gong-yi, Yan Pei-ming, Yue Min-jun, Zhang Da-li, Zheng Guo-gu, Zhu Jia.

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