News Releases -- Pulp Matters

July 24, 1997


Vancouver, B. C. -- Art Beatus Gallery is pleased to present "Pulp Matters: Works on Paper", a compelling three-woman show August 8th until September 3rd. Though the artists' backgrounds are diverse, the works have many similarities. Each artist roots herself in the tactile and fundamental nature of papermaking and through that, expresses deeply personal issues.

Shi Hui was born and still lives in China where she is now an Associate Professor at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. She uses hemp thread, rice paper, pulp and wood to build three paper pillars. According to Shi, the pillars resembles to "a fragile corpse merging into nests and caves and symbolises motherhood". Shiís works were exhibited at The Asia Pacific Triennial at Queensland Art Gallery, Australia, in 1993; France Second International Tapestry Exhibition at Beauvais, France in 1996.

Hye-Sun Baik is a native of Korea, now living in Vancouver. Hye Sun meditates her relationship to Buddhism and expresses a deeply personal spirituality via textured paper and miniature Buddha in her large scale work. The beholder becomes quickly engaged with an immediate yet calming visual meditation. Hye Sun is the recipient of the National Contemporary Artistís award and the National Modern Art Award of Distinction of Korea. Her work has been collected by the Banff Centre for the Arts and Samsung Corporation.

Born in China, Hou Wen Yi now resides in New York City. Her works reflects her reverence for the spiritual teachings of the I-Ching. Hou studied under happening artists Allen Kaprow. Hou incorporates vegetables and human blood in the papermaking process to question her connection with the natural world and to challenge our association with a natural material. Hou has exhibited her work at Bronx Museum and the reputable Dieu Donne Paper Mill in New York City.

"This is an intimate artmaking process that the viewer should pay attention to", says organizer David Chan of Art Beatus Gallery. "Though these works are direct, they are quiet and emotional at the same time."

Hye-Sun Baik, Shi Hui and Hou Wen Yi will be at the opening of Pulp Matters, on August 8th between 5 and 7 pm. A lecture will be conducted on August 9 from 2-4 at the gallery.

Art Beatus, with galleries in Vancouver, Canada and Hong Kong, focuses on international contemporary Chinese art. The Vancouver gallery is on the upper plaza at 888 Nelson Street.

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