Frank Tam

Art Beatus Vancouver, May 5th to July 30th, 2000



Beginning on May 6, 2000, Art Beatus Gallery will present a solo exhibition of works by artist, FrankTam. Included in the Retrospective will be ink paintings from the early years and mixed media installations created later in his career.


Frank Tam was one of the most remarkable artist to which he demanded a critical examination of Eastern and Western cultures. Frank's study of traditional Chinese ink painting with Chao Siao-eng, a great master of Lingnan school enabled Tam to gain a full understanding of traditional Chinese painting techniques and because the Lingnan school was the first to incorporate a Western influence into traditional Chinese art he was aware of Western Art practices.

Frank immigrated to Canada in 1972, and his art began to grow substantially. He became dissatisfied with traditional Chinese media and began to consciously question Eastern and Western traditions and discovered a link between Eastern and Western philosophy's. The purpose of Chinese painting is not to explain the world, but rather to achieve a universal balance between nature and the artist. It follows that the creation of art must be natural yet spontaneous. Only in this state can the spirit of the soul travel. Tam found similar ideas in works by Western artists Joseph Beuys, Anselm Kiefer Brice Marden. By studying these artists Tam reaffirmed a strong artistic belief.

Art Beatus will present a showcase of Tam's works created in his early to late career. The Ink on paper works in the manner of his early training will hang easily beside the mixed media on canvas works created up until Franks death in 1998.

The Panel discussion will be held at Art Beatus gallery on May 5th at 4:00pm. The panel consists of local scholars, International curators and representatives from the local art community. This discussion is open to the public. The Vernissage will begin directly after the discussion.

With galleries in Canada and Hong Kong, Art Beatus Gallery focuses on international, contemporary Chinese art. The Vancouver gallery is located on the upper plaza at 888 Nelson Street. The Gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00am to 6:00pm.

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