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Shi Hui

Born in 1959, Xian You, Fujian, China, has lived in Paris since 1990.

Selected Exhibitions:


Sound of an Eastern Echo-China Contemporary Art Exhibition, Vienna, Austria

The France 2th International Tapestry Exhibition, Beauvais, France


The 8th Installation Triennale of Tapestry, Poland

New Art From China, Hamburg, Germany

Album of Chinese Women Artists Invitational Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Beijing, China

Women Artists at the Academy, CNAFA Gallery, Hangzhou, China

Women Approach to Chinese Contemporary Art, Beijing Art Museum, China


The Art Festival Bad Glbeichenbery, Austria

Exhibition for China National Academy of the Fine Arts, National Art Gallery, Beijing, China

The Third Documentary Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Artist, Shanghai, China


The Asia -Pacific Triennal, Queensland Art Gallery, Australia

The 1Ve Triennale Internationale de Mini - Textiles, Angers Cedex, France


The '92, International Art Festival-earth and Fiber, Ankara, Turkey

The Chinese Contemporary Young Sculptors Invitational Exhibition, CNAFA Gallery, Hangzhou, China

The First Exhibition of New Cultural Painting, Xinzhu, Taiwan


The First Documentary Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Artists, Beijing & Nanjing, China


New Art Form Exhibition, Lake side Art Gallery, Chicago, U.S.A


China Modern Art Exhibition, Gifu, Japan

The New Direction in Contemporary Chinese Tapestry Exhibition, Center of Culture and Art, Hong Kong


The 13th International Biennial Art Tapestry Exhibition, Lausanne, Switzerland

Artist's Statement:

After working intensely with the fibre for many years, I began to realize that the relationship between the artist and the material is a direct and pure one.

The specific physical properties of the fibre characterize the living part in nature, and act as the complement between nature and human beings. The movement of life is a living force that can be reflected in the fibrous quality of hemp, the tensility of cotton yarn, the whiteness of the paper pulp, and the flexibility of bamboo stick.

The composition of the web, the expansiveness of the fibre, the extension of the thread, and the thinness of the pulp create the lime trace on the pillar, like the formation of a cocoon. This intrinsic formation embraces everything in the world. Different materials like the spring cotton thread, the bamboo stick and the xuan paper become a basis for a living organism, and consequently evolve to become the essence of life.

The living quality of the Pillar is constantly open to natural changes and is flexible. This open process is a direct condition which I set for myself to work within. I long to experience this uncertain yet natural phenomenon. I allow this work to become a living organism; the fragile units are ever growing and merging to become nests or caves. I don't know if this work symbolizes motherhood. But when these fragments integrate with the sun, the woods, and grass and ground, I always feel touched by the poetics of living which drive me to create.

-translated by Sen Wong & David Chan

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