Multi-media works by Chinese Artists Reflect Tumult of 90s Living

Vancouver, B.C. -- Art Beatus is honoured to present a multi media exhibition entitled Uncertain Pleasure-- Chinese Artists in the 1990s, curated by Mr. Hou Hanru of Paris. The exhibition opens on April 11.

The show is an unusual combination of installations, sculptures and paintings by eight artists, all with Chinese roots. Four of them live in Paris, three live in China and one in Vancouver. The show reflects the tumult and complexity they see in today's uncertain world and artistic strategies to confront it. The artists included in this exhibition are: Sam Lam, Feng Meng Bo, Shen Yuan, Wang Du, Yan Pei Ming, Yang Jie Chang, Zhang Pei Li, and Zhu Jia.

The exhibition's name, Uncertain Pleasure, is taken from the work of one of the artists, Zhang Peili. With obsessed gaze and scrutiny on the body's unconscious gestures, his video installations reveal the state of mind of Chinese people today who are experiencing radical and uncertain social and cultural transition. The work reflects also universal changes in the contemporary world in the time of globalisation. It is a common experience of pleasure for all of us to take the challenge of confronting such an uncertainty.

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