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Relics #2, by Wang Du Relics #5, by Wang Du

Born in 1956 in Hubei, China, has lived in Paris since 1990

Selected Exhibitions:


Solo Exhibiton, "Les Traveaux du Corps", Gate Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Kulturschmiede, Frankfurt, Germany


"L'Art contemporain chinois", Palais Bénédictine, Fécamp, Hôtel de ville, Levallois, France


Solo Exhibition, "Reliques", A "Vices & Virtues" Project, Paris, France


Galerie Jacob, Paris


"China/Avant-Garde", China National Art Gallery, Beijing, China

Artist's Statement: "Les travaux du corps"

With the use of vitamin supplements, intense workouts, plastic surgery and the potential of future advances in genetic engineering, it is possible to dramatically improve and even re-compose the body in the future. This allows people to look toward a moment when it may be possible to alter not only the image of the body, but the personality as well. Therefore the limits of the natural body are no longer dependent on the power of personal spirit and will. We will recreate ourselves according to the dictates of our roles in life and the imagination of the mass media. These now popular ideas generate new moral and social problems. A epoch of "artificial evolution" has commenced.

"Les travaux du corps" is a series of close-ups of man in states of artificial evolution. But they are neither the beginning nor the result of this process. In the project, their identities are only as victims of this process and the consumer goods of scientific experiments. They are explorers in the adventure of creating new personalities and future images of the human being. At the same time, the real problem emerges from the distance between their bad quality as fake products and their reality as reproductions of the real image of the media.

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