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Common Lineage, 1993 by Yu Yu Yang

Born in Shunde County, Guangdong Province, China

Selected Exhibitions:


"Four Taiwan Masters", Joint Exhibition at Art Beatus Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Joint Exhibition, Chung-shan Gallery, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall


Invited by Royal Society of British Sculptors to hold a half-year special exhibition at Chelsea Harbor, London, UK


Yu Yu Yang Exhibition at Johnson Atelier Ethnical Institute of Sculpture, U.S.A.

The Fourth NICAF in Japan

Invited to become the first foreign member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors(RBS)


Asia International Sculpture Exhibition in Japan

Exhibition of a giant stone sculpture, "Dawn", in Japan

Works seen in the International Modern Fine Arts Fair held in Hong Kong, Miami and New York

The Third NICAF in Japan


The Foire internationale d'Art Contemporain 20th Anniversary Exhibition, Paris, France

Yu Yu Yang'93 Exhibition at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store, Taipei

The Second Nippon International Contemporary Art Fair (NICAF) in Japan

Miami Arts Fair, U.S.A.


Founded the Yu Yu Yang Lifescape Sculpture Museum at Taipei

Held Yu Yu Yang's Stainless Steel Sculptures Exhibition in Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store


Awarded the prize for the Promotion of World Peace through Culture and Arts by ROC Society of Literature adn Arts


"Flying Dragon", stainless steel sculpture, placed on the square of Chung Kai Shek Memorial Hall as the main lantern of Chinese Lantern Festival


Organzied the first international Laser Lifescape Exhibition atthe Grand Hotel and Taipei Municipal Astronomical Observatory


Designed sculpture Advent of the Phoenix for the R.O.C. Pavilion at Osaka Exposition in Japan


Invited by The National Formative Art Association to be a member representing the Republic of China


Selected as one of Taiwan's Ten Outstanding Youths and won the Golden Hand Award


Convened works of the artists from Taiwan and China and organized a "Contemporary Chinese Fine Arts Exhibition" at the Modern Fine Arts Museum in Rome


Held "Print & Sculpture Exhibition by Yu Yu Yang" in the National Museum of History, Taipei, Taiwan


"Philosopher", a bronze sculpture, claimed favorable reputation in the First International Youth Sculpture Exhibition in Paris, France. Yu Yu Yang himself was praised as "the master shaping the future of sculpture" by The Studies in the Fine Art

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