For Immediate Release

Mu: Beyond Duality

Sculptures by Junichiro Iwase

September 15 - November 10, 2017

Opening Reception  |  Friday, September 15, 3 - 6pm
Meet the Artist  |  Junichiro Iwase will be in attendance from 4pm - 6pm

Art Beatus (Vancouver) Consultancy Ltd is very pleased to present returning gallery artist Junichiro Iwase in his solo exhibition of new sculptures, MU: Beyond Duality. These works were inspired by Zen Buddhist teachings of 'Mu', or 'nothingness', which Junichiro describes as “arriving at a point of transcendence”.

The sculptures in his latest exhibition are minimal, conceptual and interactive. A prominent feature in this collection of works is the transparent tube containing brightly coloured solutions and an air bubble resembling a spirit level. However, as visually compelling and fascinating as these works are, Junichiro wanted to place more importance on their function rather than form – primarily, their purpose is to help one find their centre and to lay conflicting questions to rest.

The artist intended that these works can be utilized as tools for meditation in order to strive for 'Mu' where, according to Junichiro, one can “...find balance between duality and to rise above it.” The artist states, “Mu recognizes that there is no definitive right or wrong, true or false, or good or bad.” As such, Junichiro adds, “...the sculpture is the empty space inside the bubble. Everything else is secondary, serving as a pedestal or supportive structure.”

Born in Japan in 1971 and raised in Canada, Junichiro Iwase and his family immigrated to Richmond, BC in 1972, where he currently lives and works. Iwase graduated from Johnson Atelier Institute of Sculpture in New Jersey in 1997, and since then has participated in local and international art exhibitions, residences, biennials, workshops and public commissions in Asia, Australia and North America.

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