Current Featured Artists - March / April 2004

Presenting Hye-Sun Baik, Kumiko Yasukawa, Sara Tse, and Rene Yung

 at Art Beatus (Vancouver) Consultancy Ltd.

Hye-Sun Baik

Based in Chicago, prolific mixed media artist, Hye-Sun Baik's highly textured art works combine fibre art with mixed media on handmade paper.  She builds her canvas using innovative casting, pulp painting, printing, embroidery, and embossing methods, completing the process with airbrush and other various painting techniques to convey strong, meditative and hypnotic impressions for the viewer.Originally from Seoul, South Korea, the artist has made North America her home and has worked professionally since 1988.

Kumiko Yasukawa

Born in Tokyo in 1975, Kumiko Yasukawa has lived and worked in Vancouver since 1993. Her process combines traditional and digital photographic techniques to arrive at an aesthetic that is both ancient and futuristic. Her most recent KUKI project follows her previous series MIZU, and is part of a continuing project that explores universal elements to find renderings of the invisible - in fact making the invisible visible.

Sara Tse

"Imagine formless liquid porcelain is wearing into T-shirt, trousers, socks or any other things you can think of...".For many ceramic artists, working with clay by hand lends itself to self-expressionism. For Sara, objects are not created but are found. The final outcome of her work is left to chance; its shape and appearance determined by moisture and temperature. Sara Tse was born in Hong Kong in 1974.

Rene Yung

Rene Yung was born in Hong Kong and currently lives and works in San Francisco. Most of her work focuses on being, memory and place. She is interested in how meaning is imbedded in the structure of language and its ramification in the visual form of artwork. Deeply influenced by Western conceptual thinking, Yung’s recent works have been exploring a visual language aimed at a reframing and a revisioning of the operational aesthetics in diasporic art practices.

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Neon Buddha
Hye-Sun Baik


Kuki #1, 1/4
Kumiko Yasukawa