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Art Beatus Vancouver, August 28 - October 16, 2003 | top |

Harmony vs. Confrontation

Art Beatus Gallery is pleased to present, Harmony vs. Confrontation, beginning Thursday, August 28 to October 16, 2003. New works by well-known international artists Cha Guojun and Xu Bing will be featured. The pairing of the artists' works is both engaging and thought-provoking, exploring intriguing contrasts and similarities.

Art Beatus Vancouver, June 12 - July 26, 2003 | top |


Art Beatus Gallery is pleased to present "Consciousness" opening Thursday, June 12 and running through to July 26, 2003. The solo exhibition will feature Vancouver artist, Shyh-Charng Lo and his oil paintings on canvas.

Art Beatus Vancouver, January 30 - March 29, 2003 | top |


Art Beatus Gallery is pleased to present 'Happiness' opening April 17 and running through to June 6, 2003, featuring works by artists Rene Yung, Kumiko Yasukawa, Li Shuang and Yang Yi.

Art Beatus Vancouver, January 30 - March 29, 2003 | top |


'Existence' brings us back to a place inside ourselves; an opportunity to take a closer look into our origins and the evolutionary process. Playful yet spiritual, 'Existence' presents us with the integral questions of life, 'Where did we come from? Where are we going?". We hope the works exhibited will encourage others to think about their place in the world; those who came before us, and how we are affecting the future of our planet and mankind; to really ponder the deeper meaning of life.

Art Beatus Vancouver, October 22, 2002 - January 18, 2003 | top |

Recollection Reconnection

Art Beatus Gallery is delighted to present, Recollection Reconnection, featuring new and past works by gallery represented artists David Ip; Katie Cheung; Guo, Shao Gang; Johnson Wu; Hye-Kyung Kim; Ma, Ke Lu; Qin, Feng; Shen, Qin; Shyh-Charng Lo; Shi Hui; Taiga Chiba; Xu, Bing; Xu, Weide; Zheng, Guo Gu.

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